Meet the Oolaboo founders

Oolaboo believes in beauty on the outside, but real beauty comes from paying just as much care to your insides.

Our story

After starting as a hairdresser and a successful career in the cosmetics industry, we, Richard and Jeroen Wilmink, had a dream: developing our own cosmetics brand.

While the world focused on beauty on the outside, we were inspired by beauty from within, after all, 70% of your skin condition is determined by the nutrients you take in.

So there is an unmistakable link between your inner & outer beauty (our pay-off).

Food and your body therefore form a physical connection, which has also been scientifically proven.
A healthy lifestyle contributes to a healthy body, radiant skin and healthy hair
and also indirectly has a positive effect on your mood and energy level!

With this holistic approach you always look at people as a whole picture, body and mind cannot be seen separately.

With a holistic lifestyle you take good care of your body and mind, you focus
your life so that you can live long, healthy, beautiful and happy.

You do this with respect for people, animals and our planet. You eat healthy and make as many natural choices as possible.

'In 2011 we realized our dream and founded Oolaboo.'

Oolaboo believes in beauty on the outside, but real beauty comes from paying just as much care to your insides.

Part of the logo is the symbol, the four O's of Oolaboo. These represent the four core values ​​that are inextricably linked
are connected.

The most important principle in the development of our products is that everything we use in and on our body must be safe and as natural as possible. Because what is not safe enough for your mouth, we do not use for your skin and hair. Our products are all free of harmful substances. Our products contain active ingredients that
ensure that we achieve a desired result.

Every Oolaboo treatment is experienced as professional, full of care and attention. The choice of our treatments and
products are tailored to the condition of the skin at that moment.

'We are proud that Oolaboo has now grown into a lifestyle brand!'

We are happy to help you with your daily beauty routine with the best and safest products. Oolaboo also has unique treatments inspired by Japanese and Chinese treatments.

Whether you are looking for a restorative shampoo, a skin-improving cream, or a safe toothpaste or whether you want to create a comfortable ambiance with exclusive scents:

Oolaboo is happy to help you bring out the best of yourself.

Happiness can be found in the little things in life and of course we are eager to share in your happiness by surrounding you with all kinds of little Oolaboo moments of happiness.

Happy customers worldwide

Happy customers worldwide

Oolaboo is now used in many beauty and hair salons worldwide. So many people experience an Oolaboo moment every day!

  • 1865

    Hairdressers worldwide

  • 763

    Beauty salons worldwide

  • 30

    Years of experience

  • 10

    Landen verkrijgbaar

What customers say

  • Marlyn about the blushy truffle sparkling oil

    "Does what it promises! My hair is significantly less frizzy after use, without it becoming greasy. It also really shines and I get compliments on it."

  • Patricia about the super foodies all purpose shampoo

    "Super nice shampoo. It makes my hair airy, light and soft."

  • Sylvia about the morning dew face cream

    "What a wonderful cream! It spreads well and is absorbed nicely. Your skin feels wonderfully soft and supple and it also smells heavenly. I suffer from dry skin every winter, but with this cream I don't have that problem." more of it. I am very satisfied with this product!"

  • Sylvia about the truffle indulgence face cream

    "I deliberately switched to Oolaboo products because of the active ingredients, this wonderfully scented cream is a pleasure to start with in the morning. Super nice and nourishing day cream! Feels soft and is quickly absorbed, ideal for dry skin."

Award winning brand

Oolaboo fire video

Take a look into the world of Oolaboo.


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