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Just as a painter cannot create a beautiful work of art with just one color,
At Oolaboo we realize that if we share the inspiration and creativity of hair specialists
want to encourage, a collection of special and innovative color products is not up to us
product portfolio may be missing.

By using the latest technology of micro-pigments
Oolaboo meets the desire to color the hair with pure and long-lasting color results, while never forgetting the health of the hair.

Ecolorgy color system is based on 'skin care technology' and contains valuable
ingredients used in skin care, such as pure truffle oil and vitamin C.
Never before in history have laboratories managed to produce pure truffle oil in a...
to make hair color stable. Together with a group of international professionals – one
innovative R&D with more than 50 years of experience in the development of color products – Oolaboo has succeeded in making pure truffle oil stable in both permanent and semi-permanent hair coloring. A special achievement that professional salons and consumers can benefit from.

Truffle oil is not only precious and rare, it is also one of the richest sources of vitamin B. During the coloring process, truffle oil intensively nourishes every fiber of the hair. We are proud of the high quality and safety of our ecolorgy color system – the first and only color system based on pure truffle oil – produced according to strict European and FDA guidelines.

Each color also contains vitamin C, an antioxidant that works like a natural
sun filter. This prevents the color from fading due to sunlight.
Thanks to ecolorgy color system, Oolaboo offers hair specialists an advanced collection of color products with maximum gray coverage, 'one-step' blonde colors and expressive red tones. Pure and intense colors that do not fade and are easy to use and formulate, always with an unimaginable shine!

Ecolorgy semi permanent hair color is the perfect addition to ecolorgy+ long lasting
permanent hair color, this 100% ammonia-free 'tone on tone' color also uses micro-pigments and is also enriched with pure truffle oil, to infuse the hair with intense colors, superior condition and radiant shine. With both ecolorgy semi permanent hair color and ecolorgy+ long lasting permanent hair color, the health of the hair is always our most important starting point.

The content of a 100 ml tube and a mixing ratio of 1 to 1½ makes ecolorgy color system one of the most cost-effective color systems on the market.



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