Born from skin care technology

Hair care

Oolaboo's luxurious hair care programs were born from
our experience in 'skin care technology'.

This means that our hair care products not only have a very...
have a luxurious experience, but work results-oriented for both our hair
like our scalp.

  • Our hair care concept has selective distribution and is only sold to selected salons.

  • A collaboration is based on a complete range of high-quality hair care, styling and finishing products and a daily supplement for our hair and scalp.

    The exclusive hair care products and supplement guarantee extraordinary results and are the reason why you and your clients will never want to use anything else again.

Luxury Hair Care

The products within Luxury Hair Care have the advantage of not only providing a very luxurious experience, but also being results-oriented.
Each formula guarantees supple, shiny, strong and resilient hair with 100% respect for the scalp.

  • Free from sulphates (foaming agents)
  • Results-oriented
  • Active ingredients

Super foodies

The heart of every super foodie product is Japanese Matcha tea, the most refined and oldest type of (green) tea from Japan.

Matcha is the ultimate superfood and offers an enormous amount of well-being for our hair, skin and inner health

  • 100% vegan
  • Free from silicone
  • Low waste cosmetics

Ecolorgy / Ecolorgy Gloss

Ecolorgy is a hair coloring based on micropigments and enriched with pure truffle oil. Thanks to 101 long-lasting permanent colors and 51 ammonia-free (semi-permanent) colors, Ecolorgy gives you unprecedented color options. With no fewer than 6 natural series for gray hair, you can always rely on 100% gray coverage.

Ecolorgy Gloss is a liquid demi-permanent and restructuring gel color, formulated with Vitamin C and antioxidants from Seed Extract, helping to create a radiant and impressive glossy color.
In just 20 minutes you can color, add shine, freshen, neutralize and correct hair.

  • 101 permanent colours
  • 51 ammonia-free colorings
  • 12 Gloss gel colours

Hair Care treatments


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