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  • glam former runway hair spray

    glam former runway hair spray

    An extra strong, fixative and lightweight hairspray that is easy to brush out. Recommended for all hair types. --split-- Provides shine and maximum control for a long-lasting look. Maximum protection against extreme, stormy conditions. Creates an inexhaustible look with unparalleled...

  • glam former between washes dry shampoo

    glam former between washes dry shampoo

    What is it? A dry shampoo. Refreshes hair between washes, leaving it beautifully clean and fresh. What does it do? Provides visibly more body and texture. Instantly gives the hair more volume and makes it clean, with a powder-fresh feeling,...

  • glam former gorgeous shine spray 250 ml

    glam former gorgeous shine spray 250 ml

    The Glam Former Gorgeous Shin Spray is a non-strengthening, high-shine hairspray with an extremely fine mist. --split-- Reflects light for an instant high-gloss finish and controls frizz and fly-aways. Polishes the hair and provides an instant sparkling shine. Recommended for...

  • glam former hair blast

    glam former hair blast

    A volume mousse, specially developed for 'lifting' the hair roots, recommended for all hair types, but especially recommended for fine, thin and lifeless hair. A special applicator makes application easy and provides firmness where it is most needed: the scalp!...

  • glam former plumping foam

    glam former plumping foam

    A weightless foam that makes the hair fuller and thicker and keeps it in shape for a long time. Recommended for all hair types. --split-- Provides strength and volume during styling and ensures that the nutrients can easily be absorbed...

  • glam former shaping mist

    glam former shaping mist

    A flexible, lightweight and easy to brush out styling spray for a smooth 'hold'. --split-- This styling mist forms the basis for every styling. Prepares the hair for the final finishing and protects the hair for a long time against...

Every glam former styling product has a rich texture and gives your hair a luxurious and voluminous feeling. It gives your hair that well-known stylish glamor and catwalk boost.


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