SMART aesthetics

Why make things complicated about skin improvement when you can do it SMART!

Welcome to the journey to rejuvenating and radiant skin with an exclusive approach to skin improvement.

Skin health and slowing down skin aging are central. In the world of beauty and wellness, SMART aesthetics strives to not only accentuate external beauty, but also promote the slowing of skin aging and the resolution of skin problems.

SMART stands for:

S specific (focused on a specific solution)
M maximum (maximum concentration of active ingredients)
Achievable (skin goals are achieved quickly)
R result (100% result-oriented applications)
T timed (visible effect in some applications)

Solutions combine expert knowledge with advanced ingredients to rejuvenate your skin, solve skin problems and make your skin glow like never before.

Step into an oasis of skin improvement, where we strive to achieve optimal results while paying attention to unique needs and promoting healthy and radiant skin.
This results in a radiant and more youthful appearance, while also helping to maintain a healthy skin barrier and prevent skin problems in the long term.

Discover the secrets of effective skin improvement and embrace a bright future for your skin.
Skin improvement focuses on various aspects of the skin, including reducing signs of aging, treating skin problems such as acne or pigmentation, improving texture and restoring natural glow. Skin improvement includes regular cleansing, exfoliation, hydration and the use of skin care products with active ingredients.

By applying the layering method, applying different skin care products step by step, maximum benefits are achieved. This method involves applying products in a specific order so that each product is effectively absorbed and can perform its specific function. The goal of layering is to provide the skin with the right ingredients in the right order, creating synergy and promoting the skin's overall health and radiance.

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SMART aesthetics regimen

Every skin is unique and has different needs and possible problems that require a solution. The 'SMARTest' way to radiant, healthy skin is therefore different for everyone.

A SMART skincare routine is tailored to your personal circumstances and skin condition. We use a morning and evening regimen (basic) with a number of additions drawn up by our SMART skin experts. You can add these additions to the morning and evening regimen, so that it turns into a tailor-made SMART aesthetics regimen, which not only tells you which SMART aesthetics products best suit your skin condition, but also in which order you should best use them every day. can use for maximum skin results

SMART aesthetics consists of 8 retail products, 2 professional products plus a skin improvement device, which have been specially developed for the care and improvement of mature skin, with the aim of slowing down the aging of the skin and, where possible, starting skin rejuvenation and also treating skin problems. such as (hyper)pigmentation, impure skin and dry/dehydrated skin.

The Derma Pro 5+, a skin improvement device, has been specially developed for skin care at home but can also be used in salon treatments. The Derma Pro 5+ innovatively integrates 5 effective skin care technologies in a stylish and handy device, to achieve real skin-improving results.

The concentrates and serums can be combined endlessly and have been developed with highly active and concentrated formulas.

The timeless elegance of the black and white packaging not only radiates simplicity, but also embodies the power of pure and effective skin care. The violet glass vials with sterile dispensers provide the necessary protection against the penetration of daylight so that the function of the product is not affected and can be easily recycled.



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