SMART aesthetics Derma Pro 5+

SMART aesthetics Derma Pro 5+

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Description:  The SMART Aesthetics Derma Pro 5+ is a skin improvement device that has been specially developed for skin care... Read more

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    The SMART Aesthetics Derma Pro 5+ is a skin improvement device that has been specially developed for skin care at home. It can be used by people of all ages and skin conditions as it has no contraindications. It can be used for facial massage, reducing wrinkles, firming the skin and improving skin condition .

    What does it do?

    Smart Aesthetics Derma Pro 5+ innovatively integrates 5 effective skin care technologies in a stylish and handy device, to achieve real skin-improving results.
    It contains several combinations for multi-purpose skin improvement, so you can easily perform a professional facial treatment at home.

    • 4 modes for skin improvement: insertion of active ingredients, lifting, anti-aging and eye contour;
    • 5 technologies: electric pulse, EMS (electrical muscle
    stimulation), radio frequency, LED light and vibration;
    • improves the absorption of active ingredients for better
    skin result;
    • helps to firm facial muscles and reduce wrinkles
    • provides a radiant complexion.


    1. Intake/absorption of active ingredients

    Thanks to Smart Aesthetics Derma Pro 5+, active ingredients from Smart Aesthetics and others can be used
    Oolaboo skin care products, easily 'channeled' into your skin. This way it helps
    to better absorb active ingredients applied to your skin. How? It uses
    Electric Pulse and yellow light together to fulfill this.Electric pulse is a kind of electrical stimulation on the skin by using pulsed electric current. It helps the molecules of our
    Smart Aesthetics and other Oolaboo Skin Care Products into your skin more effectively. Yellow light is considered very helpful in smoothing and lightening the appearance of the skin. It actively works on the skin while used together with pulsating electric.

    2. Lifts

    By using EMS and green light, it provides an immediate lift. EMS is known as
    electrical muscle stimulation. It delivers a low level electrical current to the facial muscles.
    This mild electrical current interacts with facial tissues to strengthen your facial muscles
    strengthen and improve your facial contours.
    Green light has a supportive effect to enhance the effect. It works well against dark ones
    circles, pigment spots and pigment spots It also helps to get rid of over-stimulated skin
    cooling. It will ultimately give you a more youthful appearance.

    3. Anti-aging

    In this mode you use the power of RF (radio frequency), red light and vibration, for one
    maximum anti-aging effect. Radiofrequency can tighten your skin. During use
    radio frequency energy heats skin tissues so that more collagen is produced
    produced. Collagen reproduction will reduce wrinkles and fine lines. Red
    light can penetrate deep into the skin layers to accelerate the reproduction of skin cells and
    ultimately it helps improve your complexion.

    4. Eye contour

    RF (radio frequency) and vibration work together to contour the skin around your eyes
    to freshen. Radio frequency provides energy to heat the skin tissue, while vibration the
    massages the skin so that it will relax. It reduces dark circles and bags under the eyes and improves the absorption of products around the eyes

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