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The skin defense program is a new generation of skin care products that counteract the harmful effects of UV light and pollution on the skin. Both pollution and sun damage lead to premature skin aging, both cause damage in different ways. UVA and UVB rays penetrate the skin and directly reach the cells and their DNA, where they then cause a 'break' of the disulfide bridges of the DNA. This then leads to cell damage. The harmful process of pollution is different. Pollutants such as particulate matter, large carbon particles, polluting metals and gases can attack the skin from the outside and destroy the natural skin barrier by destroying it. They can also penetrate the skin and lead to the development of free radicals, which damage the DNA of the cells and can thus cause premature skin aging, skin irritation and skin inflammation. Japanese Matcha tea is rich in antioxidants and protects against free radicals, which damage skin cells.

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