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  • Whitest White Lightener

    Whitest White Lightener

    brightens up to 9 levels. Whitest White Lightener is a dust-free bleaching powder that is unique because of the fantastic results and the caring effect on the hair. The bleaching powder has a special blue tint that neutralizes unwanted warm...

  • Coolest charcoal lightener

    Coolest charcoal lightener

    brightens up to 9 levels. Coolest Charcoal Lightener is an innovative and dust-free bleaching powder based on charcoal (bamboo). The black/gray powder brightens the hair color up to 9 levels and neutralizes unwanted yellow, gold or copper tones with ease.

  • Carte Blanche Clay Lightener

    Carte Blanche Clay Lightener

    brightens up to 7 levels. Carte Blanche Clay Lightener is our first clay-based lightener that spreads easily and provides complete accuracy with a unique soft-to-solid formula. Create modern blonde looks freehand, easier, faster and more efficiently than ever before!


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