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  • wipe off nectar

    wipe off nectar

    A 3-in-1 product, cleansing milk, make-up remover and tonic in one composition. Ideal for any skin condition, even the most sensitive. --split-- Each swipe removes sebum, dirt and loose skin flakes before they have a chance to clog skin pores....

  • Combination deal OOOO sonic & wipe off nectar

    Combination deal OOOO sonic & wipe off nectar

    The OOOO Sonic Facial Brush: 100% CLEANER SKIN 98% SOFTER SKIN 90% FIRMER & MORE ELATIC SKIN 50% BETTER ABSORPTION OF SKIN CARE PRODUCTS The revolutionary OOOO-SONIC FACIAL CLEANSING BRUSH from Oolaboo is an advanced hygienic and flexible silicone brush...

The wipe off turns your daily facial cleansing routine into a special cleansing ritual and uses the synergy of natural nourishing nutrients, such as castor oil, monoi oil and shea butter.

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