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  • whipped modeling cream

    whipped modeling cream

    A versatile malleable modeling cream with argan oil. Recommended for anyone with short and medium hair with a variety of hairstyles, from smooth to cool and rough. --split-- Ensures that the hair stays in place all day long, without making...

  • super foodies lush styling lotion

    super foodies lush styling lotion

    A non-greasy, ultra-light styling cream based on rice peptides, suitable for all types of hair. --split-- Provides super-groomed and feather-light reinforcement. Provides a medium hold and prevents static hair and frizz. --split-- Generously knead through damp hair. Allow to dry...

Since its launch in January 2014, Super Foodies continues to embrace what Oolaboo stands for, namely; taking care of our inside and outside, with top quality hair and skin care products, based on a composition rich in nutritional ingredients, called super foods!

The world around us is changing rapidly. Many years later, we are even more aware that we must be careful with ourselves and with the world. We encourage a waste-free environment by using natural, low-waste cosmetics: Super Foodies Low Waste Cosmetics. Unnecessary cardboard packaging is no longer used and larger capacity sizes ensure less waste, which means less CO2 emissions.

We use zero impact formulas, 100% vegan, without parabens, silicones and palm oil. The products offer maximum results, contain safe ingredients and have less impact on the environment. If cardboard is used, it is FSC certified. The added recycling symbols on the packaging show consumers and waste processing centers how the packaging can be recycled.

The products within super foodies are 100% vegan and free of silicone.



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