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The world around us is changing rapidly. We are more aware that we have to be careful with ourselves. We encourage a waste-free environment by using natural, low-impact cosmetics: super foodies low waste cosmetics.

No unnecessary packaging is used, and larger capacity sizes ensure longer-term and more sustainable use and therefore less waste. We use zero impact formulas, 100% vegan, without parabens, silicones and palm oil. If, in exceptional cases, cardboard is used, it is FSC certified. We use recycling symbols on our packaging so that consumers and waste management centers can see how to recycle the packaging.

The heart of every super foodie product is Japanese Matcha tea, the most refined and oldest type of (green) tea from Japan. Matcha is the ultimate superfood and offers an enormous amount of well-being for our hair, skin and inner health

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Super Foodies Skin Care


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