• Discover a new experience of luxury hair color.

    Discover a new experience of luxury hair color.


Discover a new experience of luxury hair color.

Ecolorgy is a hair coloring based on micropigments and enriched with pure truffle oil. Thanks to 101 long-lasting permanent colors and 51 ammonia-free (semi-permanent) colors, Ecolorgy gives you unprecedented color options. With no fewer than 6 natural series for gray hair, you can always rely on 100% gray coverage.

Truffle oil is not only precious and rare, it is also one of the richest sources of vitamin B. During the coloring process, truffle oil intensively nourishes every fiber of the hair, so that the hair becomes silky soft and shines like never before.

Our micropigments can penetrate deeper into the hair. While other color pigments resemble grains (sugar), our pure pigments appear as refined as dust (powdered sugar). This means that pure, superior and long-lasting color results are achieved every time - with very little chemistry. Each color also contains vitamin C, an antioxidant that acts as a natural sun filter. This prevents the color from fading due to sunlight.

Thanks to ecolorgy color system, Oolaboo offers hair specialists an advanced collection of color products with maximum gray coverage, 'one-step' blonde colors and expressive red tones. Pure and intense colors that do not fade and are easy to use and formulate, always with an unimaginable shine!

Ecolorgy semi permanent hair color is the perfect addition to ecolorgy+ long lasting permanent hair color, this 100% ammonia free 'tone on tone' color also uses micro-pigments and is also enriched with pure truffle oil, to infuse the hair with intense colours, superior condition and a radiant shine.

With both ecolorgy semi permanent hair color and ecolorgy+ long lasting permanent hair color, the health of the hair is always our most important starting point.

Ecolorgy Gloss is an innovation in the Ecolorgy family. This liquid demi-permanent and restructuring gel color, formulated with Vitamin C and antioxidants from Seed Extract, helps create a radiant and impressive glossy color.
In just 20 minutes you can color, add shine, freshen, neutralize and correct hair.

A new coloring that goes beyond just shine.
The hair fiber is strengthened and hydrated, so that the condition of the hair improves after each color treatment.
Moreover, it is super easy to mix and apply with a brush (for precision work) or with a bottle (for a smooth application).
Depending on the hair condition and application, Ecolorgy Gloss lasts up to 15 washes, the color fades gradually, so no unwanted color change or regrowth.

The formula consists of a combination of direct and oxidative color pigments and does not brighten the (natural) hair.
Ecorgy Gloss is 100% vegan and contains no ammonia, silicones, parabens or PPD.

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